Providing mankind with a better quality of life,

Our entire environment is a balance between good and bad - in our case between harmful bacteria and molds, and "good" vital bacteria. Helping vital bacteria thrive in order to repel the negative ones is what Xiologic does - in homes, in the workplace, public areas and in many agricultural applications such as pastures, fields, vineyards, hothouses and even sport greens. Take a deeper look beneath the surface at our range of highly advanced biological solutions for better lifestyle.

What We Do

Mankind has already reached the conclusion that fighting unhealthy bacteria in the air and diseases in plants by using stronger antibiotics and more powerful chemicals is a losing battle.

That is where Xiologic makes a difference. We develop patented probiotic formulas to help vital bacteria thrive in order to repel the negative ones, whether it is in the air we breathe, in the ground from which our food grows and even for post harvest solutions.

By introducing more "good" bacteria into the environment, we deprive the pathogenic varieties of the resources necessary for their livelihood and culture, and as a result provide mankind with better air, better crops and a whole better quality of life.

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