Xiologic Airborne

Today we spend more and more time in closed environments, behind windows in residential high-rises, at work, in airplanes, trains and buses. We are in enclosed spaces without clean natural air and we breathe the same problematic air for long hours each day.

In addition, AC systems create an ideal habitat for molds, pathogenic bacteria, and infectious contagion, which transfer micro-organisms from point to point causing the spread of disease.

Xiologic meets these challenges by developing preventative methods, using non-engineered probiotic bacteria (approved for use by the FDA). Probiotic bacteria is deployed in problematic areas to actively fight the harmful bacteria and deny them the resources they need to multiply.

Our biological solutions deal with two major areas: home and industry.

Xiologic Airborne Home

Xiologic's home probiotics help reduce allergies and asthma in the inter-structural environment (mostly AC units), the most common of which are house dust mites, bacteria and mold.

Our solutions totally reduce the risk of pathogenic infections, eliminate bad odor generated by bacterial activity / pathogenic mold, and create a healthier well-balanced environment without the need to "mask" smell hazards using perfumes and unnecessary chemicals.

Xiologic Airborne Industry

Most of our time at work is spent indoors, where we are together with many other people in closed areas for long hours without access to natural clean air. These circumstances make us vulnerable to the harmful effects of Sick Building Syndrome. This problem is acute in large facilities such as hospitals or factories, but is just as unsafe in cutting-edge hi-tech offices.

Our automated and modular solutions drastically reduce the presence of contaminants, molds, bacteria and allergens, by continuously releasing billions of micron-sized probiotics which consume the resources available to pathogens, allergens and mold. The result is a safer, healthier and more sustainable indoor environment.

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