Xiologic Ground Force

The majority of modern agriculture relies on chemicals, which are essential in preventing diseases and treating crops to achieve larger yields, but in the long run they are unhealthy for humans and animals. Chemical residue penetrates the groundwater and the soil and causes long-lasting damage to the ecological balance.

Using natural probiotic bacteria found in the ground, Xiologic develops microbiological solutions to replace the harmful chemical substances. When introduced back into the soil and crops, these natural "good" bacteria cope much better with pathogens. We prefer preventative treatment of soil, roots and foliage which has a long-term effect in reducing the chance of crops contracting diseases, and eradicating diseases if crops have already contracted them.

Our biological solutions deal with numerous areas, from classic agriculture and pastures, through sensitive niches such as cannabis and all the way to sport venues such as golf and soccer.


From small farms to massive fields, from customary crops to unique species, our probiotic solutions help growers to reap success, season after season, maximizing yields and minimizing harm to soil.


Commercial growing of high-quality cannabis is costly and requires optimal conditions of soil, nutrition, humidity, light and other factors, since plants are extremely sensitive.
Xiologic offers unique probiotic solutions for cannabis plant's life cycle as well as post harvest….


Optimal green grass is essential for several sport areas, primarily golf, but also soccer and tennis….


Growing robust pasture for animal feed is essential to huge markets. Our probiotic methods help farmers and companies to get the most out of the land without harming it.


Flowers are sought after in all seasons, even in cold countries, yet they are extremely sensitive to transportation and must be delivered in optimal conditions in a very narrow time window...



Winegrowers have a limited number of tools to combat grape vine diseases. Preventative fungicide applications are the backbone of an effective control program against powdery mildew since the disease is difficult to control and potentially very damaging if it becomes widespread in the vineyard….

Xiologic Post Harvest

Treatment of crops does not end at harvest time. A large variety of fruits and vegetables are especially perishable, being susceptible to mechanical injury, desiccation, decay and physiological disorders during storage. Correct post-harvest management enables growers to bring optimal crops to market. And if those markets are further away and also entail shipment in controlled environments, even the more so.

Post-harvest management practices that reduce product loss to spoilage or shrinkage will reduce microbial risks. Zero-Risk / Pathogen Free is almost “Mission Impossible”, but vital steps and methods can significantly reduce the risk. This is where Xiologic makes a difference, using biological processes instead of chemical-based ones to keep crops disease-free till they reach the consumer.

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